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These plants are limited to 2 bulbs per species per customer 

Arisaema candidissimumArisaema candidissimum
Spectacular white/pink striped flowers, cool position required
Bellevalia forniculataBellevalia forniculata
Unbelievebly bright blue flowers on this muscari relative. Naturally found in wet meadows.
Colchicum munzurenseColchicum munzurense
Spring flowering Colchicum with abundant pale pink flowers. Does well in raised bed or trough.
Corydalis ellipticarpaCorydalis ellipticarpa
Herbaceous type Corydalis with lovely dark foliage in the early spring.
Corydalis henrikiiCorydalis henrikii
Elegant strong growing corydalis with attractive bi-coloured flowers.
Corydalis seisumsianaCorydalis seisumsiana
Corydalis solida 'White Knight'Corydalis solida 'White Knight'
Corydalis with pure white flowers and bright green leaves
Crocus antalyensisCrocus antalyensis
Crocus banaticus albusCrocus banaticus albus
Pure white autumn flowering crocus with unusual arrangement of petals.
Crocus baytopiorumCrocus baytopiorum
Duck egg blue flowers in early spring. Best grown in an alpine house to appreciate the delicate flowers.
Crocus chrysanthus 'Spring Pearl'Crocus chrysanthus 'Spring Pearl'
Crocus chrysanthus Goldene SonneCrocus chrysanthus Goldene Sonne
Crocus cvijciiCrocus cvijcii
Crocus goulimyi ssp leucanthusCrocus goulimyi ssp leucanthus
Lovely white autumn crocus with bowl shaped flowers.
Crocus hadriaticusCrocus hadriaticus
Autumn flowering
Crocus kosaniniiCrocus kosaninii
Crocus laevigatusCrocus laevigatus
Autumn flowering
Crocus nudiflorus
Autumn flowering stoloniferus crocus that will naturalise well.
Erythronium helenaeErythronium helenae
White flowers with a yellow base to the petals, very well marked leaves.
Erythronium hendersoniiErythronium hendersonii
Beautiful Erythronium with lovely lilac flowers and super maroon markings
Erythronium hendersonii seedlingsErythronium hendersonii seedlings
Erythronium JoannaErythronium Joanna
Strong growing hybrid Erythronium suitable for a lighty shaded border.
Erythronium Kinfauns SunsetErythronium Kinfauns Sunset
Another of our hybrid Erythroniums which multiply well if planted in a semi-shaded border with lots of humus.
Erythronium tayloriErythronium taylori
Fritillaria 'Craigton Cascade'Fritillaria 'Craigton Cascade'
A cross thought to be between Fritillaria recurva and Fritillaria affinis produced by Iain Young.
Fritillaria bifloraFritillaria biflora
Fritillaria caucasicaFritillaria caucasica
Fritillaria eduardiiFritillaria eduardii
Fritillaria frankiorumFritillaria frankiorum
Fritillaria grandifloraFritillaria grandiflora
Fritillaria imperialis 'Aureomarginata'Fritillaria imperialis 'Aureomarginata'
Fritillaria liliaceaFritillaria liliacea
Western American Fritillaria with cream pixie hat flowers
Fritillaria meleagris Selected HybridFritillaria meleagris Selected Hybrid
Fritillaria persica alba
Fritillaria purdyiFritillaria purdyi
Fritillaria sewerzowiiFritillaria sewerzowii
This tall elegant Fritillaria is totally hardy flowering in about March. The flowers are a lovely two toned mixture of green and chocolate.
Galanthus DionysusGalanthus Dionysus
Galanthus Fred's GiantGalanthus Fred's Giant
Galanthus Lady ElphinstoneGalanthus Lady Elphinstone
Delicate double snowdrop with yellow markings, rare
Galanthus nivalis 'Scharlockii Group'Galanthus nivalis 'Scharlockii Group'

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