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Galanthus 'Magnet'Galanthus 'Magnet'
Galanthus atkinsiiGalanthus atkinsii
Large easily grown single snowdrop
Galanthus Brenda TroyleGalanthus Brenda Troyle
Galanthus Little BenGalanthus Little Ben
Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'
Galanthus nivalis double 25 bulbsGalanthus nivalis double 25 bulbs
Galanthus nivalis single 25 bulbsGalanthus nivalis single 25 bulbs
Galanthus reginae olgaeGalanthus reginae olgae
‚ÄčAutumn flowering snowdrop
Galanthus woronowiiGalanthus woronowii
Glaucidium palmatumGlaucidium palmatum
Lovely large woodland plant with lilac flowers, may take a year or 2 to settle down
Hyacinthoides italicaHyacinthoides italica
Hylomecon japonicumHylomecon japonicum
Yellow flowers over a spreading mat of green foliage
Iris histrioides GeorgeIris histrioides George
A well known dark flowered reticulate Iris.
Iris histrioides Royal BlueIris histrioides Royal Blue
A lovely strong growing I. histriodes seedling selected by Cyril Lafong for it's intense blue colour.
Iris Katharine HodgkinIris Katharine Hodgkin
Delicate bluey grey flowers, needs sheltered position Feb flowering. Bulk discount
Iris New ArgumentIris New Argument
Strong healthy juno iris hybrid breed in Lithuania specifically for growing outdoors.
Iris Russian KavalergardIris Russian Kavalergard
A strong Juno iris breed for growing outside. Many flowers on each stalk. Bulks up well. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Iris winogradowii AlbaIris winogradowii Alba
Nearly white Iris winogradowii. Not often seen for sale. Flowers in the early spring. Happy in a well drained raised bed or trough.
Leucojum vernumLeucojum vernum
Spring snowflake, 20cm, glossy green leaves
Lilium dauricumLilium dauricum
Lilium davidii var. willmottiae
Lilium duchartreiLilium duchartrei
Strong growing runabout Asian lily.
Lilium formosanum v. pricei
A small easily grown Lily with disproportionately large white Trumpet flowers. Flowering at a height of just a few inches this is ideal for a trough or raised bed.
Lilium humboldtiiLilium humboldtii
A tall American lily with large well spotted orange flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium kelleyanumLilium kelleyanum
Flowers very similar to L. columbianum but bulb very different. Grows well outside in a humus but well drained bed. Flowers in July
Lilium kelloggiiLilium kelloggii
A lovely western American Lily that flowers in July.
Lilium lankongenseLilium lankongense
6-8 lovely delicate pale pink pagoda flowers. Runs about in soft leafy soil.
Lilium macklinae- Naga form (Lilium chitrangadae)Lilium macklinae- Naga form (Lilium chitrangadae)
These are seedlings from this very dark form from Nagaland in India
Lilium mackliniaeLilium mackliniae
One of the most beautiful lilies, Delicate pink flowers 20in high, needs cool leafy soil. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium maculatum var. flavumLilium maculatum var. flavum
Lilium North Hybrid PanLilium North Hybrid Pan
Especially bred for Scottish summer weather. Flowers well even although wet weather.
Lilium oxypetalum insigne (Nomocharis oxypetala)Lilium oxypetalum insigne (Nomocharis oxypetala)
Small, 10in, lily with large pale pink single flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium pardalinumLilium pardalinum
Clump forming lily tall spikes with many bright orange spotted flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium talienseLilium taliense
These lovely lilies run about under the soil appearing least where you expect them. Originally seed grown so may vary between white and pale lemon.
Lilium wardii smaller bulbsLilium wardii smaller bulbs
These are smaller bulbs from seed and will take about 2 years to flower.
Muscari pallens 'Gem of Lars'Muscari pallens 'Gem of Lars'
Seed raised plants of this lovely late flowering Muscari. Striking dark stems with pale flowers.
Narcissus Angel's TearsNarcissus Angel's Tears
Lovely delicate pale cream narcissus only 6in high.
Narcissus cyclamineusNarcissus cyclamineus
Rarely seen unusual miniature daffodil with turned back petals QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Narcissus rupicolaNarcissus rupicola
Lovely delicate Narcissus which will happily grow in a trough outside.

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