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These plants are limited to 2 bulbs per species per customer 

Fritillaria liliaceaFritillaria liliacea
Western American Fritillaria with cream pixie hat flowers
Fritillaria meleagris Selected HybridFritillaria meleagris Selected Hybrid
Fritillaria messanensis
Fritillaria montanaFritillaria montana
Fritillaria mutabilisFritillaria mutabilis
Fritillaria obliquaFritillaria obliqua
Fritillaria orientalisFritillaria orientalis
Fritillaria purdyiFritillaria purdyi
Fritillaria tubiformis V.moggridgeiFritillaria tubiformis V.moggridgei
Large chequered bell on smallish stems. An intermediate form between the purple tubiformis and the yellow moggridgei form.
Galanthus Castle GroupGalanthus Castle Group
Galanthus colessusGalanthus colessus
Galanthus Fred's GiantGalanthus Fred's Giant
Galanthus kemulariaeGalanthus kemulariae
Galanthus Lady ElphinstoneGalanthus Lady Elphinstone
Delicate double snowdrop with yellow markings, rare
Galanthus nivalis 'Scharlockii Group'Galanthus nivalis 'Scharlockii Group'
Galanthus Wendy's GoldGalanthus Wendy's Gold
Strong robust yellow snowdrop.
Galanthus White PerfectionGalanthus White Perfection
Pure white flowers with no markings
Gymnospermium albertiiGymnospermium albertii
An unusual member of the Berberis family flowering in February. Best in gritty soil in a trough or bulb frame.Limited to 2 bulbs per person
Lewisia rediviva
Lilium amabile maybe luteum
Lilium cf. henricii BO-Lilium cf. henricii BO-
Lilium concolorLilium concolor
Lilium lophophorumLilium lophophorum
These are seed grown plants which should flower. As I haven't seen them flower yet I can't guarantee the flower shape. Likes leafy well drained soil in semi shade. Flowers in JuneLimited to 2 bulbs per person
Lilium rubescensLilium rubescens
Lovely American lily which does surprisingly well in sunny drained gritty soil with humus. These are 1 year old scales which will take a year or two to flower. Limited to 2 bulbs per person
Narcissus Angel's TearsNarcissus Angel's Tears
Lovely delicate pale cream narcissus only 6in high.
Narcissus watieriNarcissus watieri
Paris quadrifolia
Sanguinaria canadensis 'Star'Sanguinaria canadensis 'Star'
Unusual form of the canadian native bloodroot
Trillium rivaleTrillium rivale

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