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Allium unifolium pack of 25Allium unifolium pack of 25
Anemone Blue EyesAnemone Blue Eyes
Lovely double wood anemone developing a blue centre after a few days.
Anemone ranunculoidesAnemone ranunculoides
Lots of small bright yellow flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Anemone RobinsonianaAnemone Robinsoniana
Large pale blue flowers, one of the best
Anemone VestalAnemone Vestal
Double white flowers in central tufts
Anemone VirescensAnemone Virescens
Mats of green 'flowers'
Anemonella thalictrioides Dark FormAnemonella thalictrioides Dark Form
Good dark form of this lovely Anemonella which flowers in early spring.
Arisaema candidissimumArisaema candidissimum
Spectacular white/pink striped flowers, cool position required
Arisaema ciliatum var. liubaenseArisaema ciliatum var. liubaense
Dark stripped flowers above attractive palm like leaves, will spread in cool leafy conditions. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Arisaema flavumArisaema flavum
Unusual yellow spathes, summer flowering 10cm high
Arisaema intermediumArisaema intermedium
Easily grown arisaema with very long tail.
Arum dioscoridisArum dioscoridis
Very unusual nearly black velvet flowers with the unpleasant side effect of wafting out pulses of the stench of rotten meat. Will survive in a dry sunny spot in warmer gardens or a place in a cold greenhouse.
Codonopsis convulvulaceaCodonopsis convulvulacea
Colchicum 'Waterlily'Colchicum 'Waterlily'
An easily grown double pinkcolchicum flowering in the autumn.
Colchicum agrippinumColchicum agrippinum
This is an autumn flowering colchicum with slightly smaller flowers than Colchicum autumnale. Attractive checkered flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Colchicum speciosum AlbumColchicum speciosum Album
Large autumn flowering colchicum. Flowers in September without leaves. The leaves appear in the spring.
Corydalis Beth EvansCorydalis Beth Evans
A lovely early flowering selection of Corydalis solida with pale pink flowers. All supplied from divided bulbs. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Corydalis buschiiCorydalis buschii
This Corydalis form mats of lime green leaves with delicate pink flowers appearing in May.
Corydalis cavaCorydalis cava
Various shades of purple flowers with brown bracts. Easily grown in most garden positions.
Corydalis cava albaCorydalis cava alba
Unusual cream and brown flowers over attractive foliage. Early spring flowering.
Corydalis malkensisCorydalis malkensis
A very early flowereing Corydalis which will seed about. Lovely creamy white flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Corydalis Ruksans RedCorydalis Ruksans Red
An early selection of Janis Ruksan's that is a good red colour and has a short squat sature.
Corydalis solida 'Gandalf'Corydalis solida 'Gandalf'
Corydalis solida 'Pussy'Corydalis solida 'Pussy'
Corydalis solida 'White Knight'Corydalis solida 'White Knight'
Corydalis with pure white flowers and bright green leaves
Corydalis solida First KissCorydalis solida First Kiss
Corydalis solida LilacCorydalis solida Lilac
Deep Lilac flowers. Feb/ March flowering. Will seed about.
Corydalis solida mixCorydalis solida mix
Lovely early flowering bulbs that do well in the open garden. Take pot luck from a variety of colour ranging from blue to deep red. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Corydalis solida Red ShadesCorydalis solida Red Shades
These are selected seedlings of the best red forms of C. solida. Early spring flowering these do well in the open garden adding colour early on in the year. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Corydalis turtschaninoviiCorydalis turtschaninovii
Having bright blue flowers makes this Corydalis stand out amongst other spring flowering Corydalis. Flowering here in the beginning of May this bulbous Corydalis does well in the open garden
Corydalis turtschaninovii 'Eric The Red'Corydalis turtschaninovii 'Eric The Red'
A lovely selection of Corydalis with bright blue flowers and bronze foliage. Selected by Ruksans this Corydalis does well in the open border gradually bulking up.
Corydalis X alleniiCorydalis X allenii
A strong growing corydalis flowering slightly later than the solida types. Unusual peachy/ lilac coloured flowers
Crocus 'Shock Wave'Crocus 'Shock Wave'
A self sown seedling amongst a collection of Crocus heuffelianus with pale outer petals topped by a darker lilac wave. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Crocus angustifolius 'Bronze Form'Crocus angustifolius 'Bronze Form'
Crocus banaticusCrocus banaticus
An easily grown autumn flowering crocus. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Crocus chrysanthus 'White Beauty'Crocus chrysanthus 'White Beauty'
True clean stock of this February flowering crocus are hard to find.
Crocus chrysanthus Goldene SonneCrocus chrysanthus Goldene Sonne
Crocus goulimyiCrocus goulimyi
A strong growing autumn flowering crocus. It does well in he open garden planted in well drained soil
Crocus heuffelianusCrocus heuffelianus
Crocus imperati ssp suaveolensCrocus imperati ssp suaveolens

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