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Easily grown Autumn flowering Crocus with bright white flowers.
Lovely unusual coloured Crocus tommasinianus, very close to 'Claret' but so far hasn't been verified. The picture is of the actual plants
Autumn flowering
A strong robust Erythronium with large white flowers and shiny green leaves. As with the others it likes a cool position with well drained but humas soil. 25cm tall
This form of Frit camchatcensis produces large back flowers on relatively tall stems. It doesn't produce as many flowers as the smaller Alaskan form but are much darker. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Autumn flowering snowdrop
Strong robust yellow snowdrop.
Pure white flowers with no markings
An unusual member of the Berberis family flowering in February. Best in gritty soil in a trough or bulb frame.Limited to 2 bulbs per person
Small bulbs of this rare Gymnospermum
Beautiful pink flowers.Treat as a bulb.
Lovely delicate pale cream narcissus only 6in high.
Seedlings of this Chinese Paris. The name has not been confirmed and I don’t really know much about it. 
Please limit orders to 3 each to allow it to be introduced widely..
Take pot luck with a variety of erectum hybrids