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A lovely dark scilla with reflex petals flowering in early spring.
Seedlings of this rare Arisaema.
Very unusual nearly black velvet flowers with the unpleasant side effect of wafting out pulses of the stench of rotten meat. Will survive in a dry sunny spot in warmer gardens or a place in a cold greenhouse.
A strong growing corydalis flowering slightly later than the solida types. Unusual peachy/ lilac coloured flowers
A strong growing autumn flowering crocus. It does well in he open garden planted in well drained soil
Autumn flowering
A very strong growing crocus flowering in November. Great for colour in the winter garden.
Late Autumn flowering. Strong garden grower.
Autumn flowering stoloniferus crocus that will naturalise well.
Easy growing September flowering.
Easily grown Autumn flowering Crocus with bright white flowers.
Lovely unusual coloured Crocus tommasinianus, very close to 'Claret' but so far hasn't been verified. The picture is of the actual plants
A strong robust Erythronium with large white flowers and shiny green leaves. As with the others it likes a cool position with well drained but humas soil. 25cm tall
These are a mixture of Erythronium helenae and howelii. 3 bulbs, a good bargain if you dont mind not having a proper name.
A mix of mainly pink hybrids from between E. revolutum and E. White beauty.Great for naturalising in woodlands and shady borders
Many creamy white flowers with yellow centre. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
This form of Frit camchatcensis produces large back flowers on relatively tall stems. It doesn't produce as many flowers as the smaller Alaskan form but are much darker. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Autumn flowering snowdrop
Strong robust yellow snowdrop.
Beautiful pink flowers. Treat as a bulb.
July flowering. 1 metre tall
Strong growing runabout Asian lily.
A tall American lily with large well spotted orange flowers.QUANTITY DISCOUNT
A lovely western American Lily that flowers in July.
A large scented American Lily that does well outside. 1m tall
Seed raised plants of this lovely late flowering Muscari. Striking dark stems with pale flowers.
Delicate flowers in a pale pink shade with dark spotting in the centre.
A beautiful Nomocharis with spotted pink flowers.
St Bruno's lily. Early summer flowering, about 60cm tall.
A lovely dark purple flower with grassy leaves flowering in early March They form clumps and prefer a moister soil.
Take pot luck with a variety of erectum hybrids