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Crocus laevigatus Dark FormCrocus laevigatus Dark Form
A very strong growing crocus flowering in November. Great for colour in the winter garden.
Crocus malyiCrocus malyi
Crocus nudiflorusCrocus nudiflorus
Autumn flowering stoloniferus crocus that will naturalise well.
Crocus olivieri ssp. olivieriCrocus olivieri ssp. olivieri
A golden flowered Crocus which is happy outside in a well drained raised bed.
Crocus serotinusCrocus serotinus
Crocus sieberi sublimisCrocus sieberi sublimis
Crocus speciosus albusCrocus speciosus albus
Easily grown Autumn flowering Crocus with bright white flowers.
Crocus tommasinianus Claret?Crocus tommasinianus Claret?
Lovely unusual coloured Crocus tommasinianus, very close to 'Claret' but so far hasn't been verified. The picture is of the actual plants
Crocus vernus ssp.napolitanusCrocus vernus ssp.napolitanus
Cyclamen coumCyclamen coum
One of the first flowers to appear in the open garden and it still is flowering by end of March
Cyclamen hederifoliumCyclamen hederifolium
An autumn flowering cyclamen which does well outdoors in a woodland type situation. Over time it will seed about and carpet dry shady areas. 6cm tall.
Dentaria digitataDentaria digitata
Attractive herbaceous woodlander, pale pink flowers, very early flowering. QUANTITY DISCOUNT.
Dentaria pinnataDentaria pinnata
Creamy flowers on this early spring flowering woodland/border plant
Dicentra cucculariaDicentra cuccularia
A small Dutchmans breeches, with creamy flowers and attracive grey foliage. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Dicentra cuccularia 'Pink Punk'Dicentra cuccularia 'Pink Punk'
This form has pale pink rather than the usual cream flowers along with the usual attractive grey foliage.
Erythronium americanumErythronium americanum
An Erythronium with a reputation for shy flowering, however with this clone each bulb produces a flower.
Erythronium californicumErythronium californicum
A super strong growing Erythronium with attractive leaves and well marked flowers from the west coast of America.
Erythronium collectionErythronium collection
A good starter collection with 2 each of White Beauty, revolutum and Pagoda
Erythronium dens-canisErythronium dens-canis
Well known and grown this is still one of the best Erythroniums. This form has good dark flowers and attractive leaves. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Erythronium dens-canis SnowflakeErythronium dens-canis Snowflake
A very pretty white selection of Erythronium dens-canis with a deep marron base to the petals and attractive foliage
Erythronium elegansErythronium elegans
A strong robust Erythronium with large white flowers and shiny green leaves. As with the others it likes a cool position with well drained but humas soil. 25cm tall
Erythronium grandiflorumErythronium grandiflorum
A rarely seen Erythronium with large bright yellow flowers, and shiny green leaves.
Erythronium helenae/howelli mix 3 bulbsErythronium helenae/howelli mix 3 bulbs
These are a mixture of Erythronium helenae and howelii. 3 bulbs, a good bargain if you don’t mind not having a proper name.
Erythronium hybrid mix. 20 bulbsErythronium hybrid mix. 20 bulbs
A mix of mainly pink hybrids from between E. revolutum and E. White beauty.Great for naturalising in woodlands and shady borders
Erythronium Kinfauns PinkErythronium Kinfauns Pink
One of our own hybrids. A strong growing and fast multiplying cross between revolutum and White Beauty.Lovely pale pink with brown ring.
Erythronium multiscapoideumErythronium multiscapoideum
Many creamy white flowers with yellow centre. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Erythronium oreganumErythronium oreganum
Very attractive Erythronium, one of the first to flower, pale cream/white flowers
Erythronium PagodaErythronium Pagoda
Easiest of all the Erythroniums never failing to bulk up. Large creamy yellow flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Erythronium revolutumErythronium revolutum
Delicate pink flowers, seeding around rather than bulking up
Erythronium tuolumnenseErythronium tuolumnense
Bright yellow flowers over glossy green leaves, bulks up well. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Erythronium White BeautyErythronium White Beauty
Good increaser with creamy flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Fritillaria acmopetalaFritillaria acmopetala
Lovely elegant Frit easy to grow with green and brown bells, bulks up well.BULK DISCOUNT
Fritillaria affinisFritillaria affinis
Latter flowering Frit chequered brown and green. Will reach 2ft if happy.
Fritillaria affinis var. tristulisFritillaria affinis var. tristulis
A dark selection of Fritillaria affinis with nearly black flowers flowering in mid April. It likes a well drained soil in a coolish position. Will make a clump over time. 30cm tall. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Fritillaria affinis YellowFritillaria affinis Yellow
A yellow seedling appearing amongst the others.QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Fritillaria camchatcensis Large BlackFritillaria camchatcensis Large Black
This form of Frit camchatcensis produces large back flowers on relatively tall stems. It doesn't produce as many flowers as the smaller Alaskan form but are much darker. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Fritillaria camschatcensisFritillaria camschatcensis
Last Frit to flower, nearly black flowers, like cool shady position. BULK DISCOUNT
Fritillaria camschatcensis Fl PlFritillaria camschatcensis Fl Pl
Unusual dark chocolate and green double flowered Fritillaria Late spring flowering 15cm tall
Fritillaria camschatcensis LuteaFritillaria camschatcensis Lutea
Fritillaria hermonis ssp amanaFritillaria hermonis ssp amana
Lovely green and brown stripped flowers 10in high. BULK DISCOUNT

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