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Lilium North Hybrid PanLilium North Hybrid Pan
Especially bred for Scottish summer weather. Flowers well even although wet weather.
Lilium oxypetalum insigne (Nomocharis oxypetala)Lilium oxypetalum insigne (Nomocharis oxypetala)
Small, 10in, lily with large pale pink single flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium pardalinumLilium pardalinum
Clump forming lily tall spikes with many bright orange spotted flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium parryi small bulbsLilium parryi small bulbs
A large scented American Lily that does well outside. 1m tall
Lilium talienseLilium taliense
These lovely lilies run about under the soil appearing least where you expect them. Originally seed grown so may vary between white and pale lemon.
Liliuum henryi
Muscari pallens 'Gem of Lars'Muscari pallens 'Gem of Lars'
Seed raised plants of this lovely late flowering Muscari. Striking dark stems with pale flowers.
Narcissus asturiensisNarcissus asturiensis
Very small early flowering daffodil
Narcissus cyclamineusNarcissus cyclamineus
Rarely seen unusual miniature daffodil with turned back petalsQUANTITY DISCOUNT
Narcissus rupicolaNarcissus rupicola
Lovely delicate Narcissus which will happily grow in a trough outside.
Nomocharis farreriNomocharis farreri
Delicate flowers in a pale pink shade with dark spotting in the centre.
Nomocharis forrestiiNomocharis forrestii
A beautiful Nomocharis with spotted pink flowers.
Nomocharis hybridNomocharis hybrid
Various spotted lily type flowers, like good leafy soil in semi shade.QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Other Bulbs
Please use this if for any reason you have to send me extra money.
Oxalis adenophyllaOxalis adenophylla
Oxalis enneaphyllaOxalis enneaphylla
Shades of pink or white flowers, sunny position, 4in high
Oxalis Waverly HybridOxalis Waverly Hybrid
Slightly bigger than laciniata, dark purple flowers
Podophyllum hexandrumPodophyllum hexandrum
Attractive mottled leaves on this woodlander, pale pink flowers with attractive fruits.
Podophyllum pleianthumPodophyllum pleianthum
Pseudomuscari azureumPseudomuscari azureum
Ranunculus Brazen HussyRanunculus Brazen Hussy
Dark bronze foliage with bright yellow flowers
Roscoea cautleoides
Unusual yellow flowers appearing late in the summer, will seed about
Sanguinaria canadensis fl.plSanguinaria canadensis fl.pl
Pure white double flowers, attractive grey foliage, loves leafy soil.
Scilla bifolia 'Alba'Scilla bifolia 'Alba'
(Hyacinthoides italica White)
Scilla roseniiScilla rosenii
A lovely dark scilla with reflex petals flowering in early spring.
Smilacina racemosaSmilacina racemosa
Tall woodlander with spikes of scented frothy flowers, needs a year to show it true beauty.
Syschirincium douglasii  purpleSyschirincium douglasii purple
A lovely dark purple flower with grassy leaves flowering in early March They form clumps and prefer a moister soil.
Syschirincium douglasii albaSyschirincium douglasii alba
Very early grassy stalks with white bells, doesn't seed. BULK DISCOUNT
Trillium erectum hybridsTrillium erectum hybrids
Take pot luck with a variety of erectum hybrids
Trillium erectum maroonTrillium erectum maroon
Clumps of delicate deep maroon flowers, likes leafy soil in semi shade
Trillium grandiflorumTrillium grandiflorum
Pure white flowers sometimes fading pink,
Trillium luteumTrillium luteum
Tropaeolum incisumTropaeolum incisum
Tropaeolum polyphyllumTropaeolum polyphyllum
Tropaeolum speciosumTropaeolum speciosum
Spectacular climber with bright scarlet flowers in late summer and autumn.
Tropaeolum tricolorTropaeolum tricolor
Tulipa sprengeriTulipa sprengeri
Late flowering scarlet tulip which likes growing amongst dwarf shrubs, not in full sun.
Tulipa sylvestrisTulipa sylvestris

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