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Anemone VestalAnemone Vestal
Double white flowers in central tufts
Arisaema ciliatum var. liubaenseArisaema ciliatum var. liubaense
Dark stripped flowers above attractive palm like leaves, will spread in cool leafy conditions. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Colchicum agrippinumColchicum agrippinum
This is an autumn flowering colchicum with slightly smaller flowers than Colchicum autumnale. Attractive checkered flowers. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Corydalis solida mixCorydalis solida mix
Lovely early flowering bulbs that do well in the open garden. Take pot luck from a variety of colour ranging from blue to deep red. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Crocus 'Shock Wave'Crocus 'Shock Wave'
A self sown seedling amongst a collection of Crocus heuffelianus with pale outer petals topped by a darker lilac wave. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Crocus angustifolius 'Bronze Form'Crocus angustifolius 'Bronze Form'
Galanthus atkinsiiGalanthus atkinsii
Large easily grown single snowdrop
Galanthus nivalis double 25 bulbsGalanthus nivalis double 25 bulbs
Hyacinthoides italicaHyacinthoides italica
Iris histrioides GeorgeIris histrioides George
A well known dark flowered reticulate Iris.
Lilium lankongenseLilium lankongense
6-8 lovely delicate pale pink pagoda flowers. Runs about in soft leafy soil.
Lilium mackliniaeLilium mackliniae
One of the most beautiful lilies, Delicate pink flowers 20in high, needs cool leafy soil. QUANTITY DISCOUNT
Lilium North Hybrid ErosLilium North Hybrid Eros
Muscari pallens 'Gem of Lars'Muscari pallens 'Gem of Lars'
Seed raised plants of this lovely late flowering Muscari. Striking dark stems with pale flowers.
Narcissus cyclamineusNarcissus cyclamineus
Rarely seen unusual miniature daffodil with turned back petalsQUANTITY DISCOUNT
Nomocharis forrestiiNomocharis forrestii
A beautiful Nomocharis with spotted pink flowers.
Oxalis adenophyllaOxalis adenophylla
Podophyllum pleianthumPodophyllum pleianthum
Pseudomuscari azureumPseudomuscari azureum
Sanguinaria canadensis fl.plSanguinaria canadensis fl.pl
Pure white double flowers, attractive grey foliage, loves leafy soil.
Scilla roseniiScilla rosenii
A lovely dark scilla with reflex petals flowering in early spring.
Syschirincium douglasii albaSyschirincium douglasii alba
Very early grassy stalks with white bells, doesn't seed. BULK DISCOUNT
Trillium erectum maroonTrillium erectum maroon
Clumps of delicate deep maroon flowers, likes leafy soil in semi shade
Tropaeolum polyphyllumTropaeolum polyphyllum
Tulipa sylvestrisTulipa sylvestris

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